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Hello all and welcome to Bensonhurst Veterinary Care’s very first blog post. Here you’ll find posts on all sorts of topics ranging from news and updates about our practice to informational pieces that may be helpful for you and your pet. I…


There are dozens of pet health insurance companies out there and we’ve dealt with them all. Trupanion’s reputation and track record with us makes them easily our #1 choice. Here’s what you need to know about Trupanion. It works in…

Pet Health Insurance

Advances in Veterinary Medicine are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the technology we use to treat each animal gets better every day. Better drugs are created, advanced diagnostics are more widely accessible, and veterinary medical research…

Holiday Safety

Along with enjoying all of the festivities going on this time of year, don’t forget to ensure that your house is a safe place for your animal. Make sure that they don’t have access to any holiday hazards such as…


Wow. Amazing team. All very helpful. Took a lot of time for me to answer all my question. I never felt rushed. I loved the fact that they were friendly not only to animals but my kids too. Very nice clinic and most of all curing my dog was very important to them. Thank you. We got to the bottom of the problem together.


Dr. Zawie and his team are one that I have grown to be very fond of since taking care of my beloved dog ShayShay.  Without their knowledge, care and compassion, my family and I would not have been able to provide the special care our baby girl needed.  I would recommend Bensonhurst Veterinary Care to all my family and friends where they will take care of all your pet’s needs.

Silvana Cusimano