Here’s what you need to know about Trupanion. It works in the way described on our Pet Health Insurance page, but there are a few more important details worth knowing before signing up.


Is Trupanion right for you?

 -If your pet is young and healthy with few or no pre-existing conditions, the answer is easy – YES.

 -If your pet has pre-existing conditions and isn’t exactly a spring chicken, consult your Dr. They will be able to help you weigh out the pros and cons to make the best choice for you your pet.

Choosing A Deductible

If you choose a high deductible, your monthly payments will be on the low side and conversely if you choose a low deductible, your monthly payments will be higher.

We recommend the ZERO deductible option. You have to meet your deductible PER CONDITION in order to be reimbursed for any services or medications. If your deductible is zero, the math is easy – you’re reimbursed 90% of all expenses excluding pre-existing conditions and the office visit.

If your #1 priority is just being covered for the “big stuff”, you could choose a higher deductible and pay a lower monthly fee. This works out better for some folks, just keep in mind that you have to meet your deductible for each individual issue your pet has before being reimbursed.

Oh yeah, and there is NO PAYOUT LIMIT! This is something that sets Trupanion apart from other pet health insurance companies – if your pet is having a rough time and racking up veterinary bills, you won’t be cut off when you need coverage the most.

Trupanion Express


Once your pet is enrolled in Trupanion, you will be able to utilize Trupanion Express. Bensonhurst Veterinary Care is the ONLY hospital in Brooklyn to have Trupanion Express. This means that you will only have to pay the amount due at the time of your appointment (like a co-pay) and Trupanion will cover the rest – no waiting for them to reimburse you with a check!


Find out what your monthly payment would be:


 1. Click the following link:

Trupanion medical insurance for your pet

2. Enter in your information where it says “PET HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTE”


3. Use the sliding deductible tool to see what your monthly payment would be

4. If the number that pops up seems reasonable, come in for a visit and get a free month! After having a check-up with Dr. Zawie or Dr. Ruggiero, we can get your pet signed up for a free month of pet health insurance.



Please do not hesitate to contact us or Trupanion if you have any further questions.

Office Telephone – (718) 676-7001

Trupanion – (888) 615-8318