COVID-19 Information

As you may know, we have implemented various new protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and staff during this time. We are open! • We are limiting access to the hospital during this time. When calling the office,…


“From receptionists to the techs to the doctors this clinic is superb! Your pet and you are treated with so much warmth from the moment you walk through the door. The doctor I had the pleasure of dealing with was Dr. Porfido. Let me tell you – the sweetest, warmest, most knowledgeable veterinarian! My dogs are very scared of veterinary offices, so they acted accordingly. Dr. Porfido took her time, she was soft and comforting and while trying to make the dogs feel at ease she was explaining to me everything that she thought was going on with the dogs and answering my questions without any hesitation. In my humble opinion, that shows a person who is very comfortable in their craft.”

Ya S.

“I make a special trip from Bay Ridge to Bensonhurst just to go to this place when I can, especially if it’s something serious and I need a vet who is really going to try to solve the problem, not just rush through a template diagnosis and usher me to the front desk for payment.”

Steve Y.